Chocolate Growers Directory


Barry Callebaut AG
merger 1996
Head Office : Zurich Switzerland
Brach's - Cacao Barry - Callebaut - Stollwerck
$4 billion in sales 2004
9,000 employees worldwide

Nestlé SA
since 1866
Head Office : Vevey Switzerland
the world's largest food & beverage company
$88 billion in sales 2004
253,000 employees worldwide

United States of America

Hershey Foods Corp
since 1894
Hershey PA
$4 billion in sales 2004
14,000 employees worldwide

Kraft Foods North America Inc
since 1903
Northfield IL
$32 billion in sales 2004
98,000 employees worldwide

Mars Inc
since 1911
Masterfoods USA Hackettstown NJ
Masterfoods USA Vernon CA
$14 billion in sales 2004
253,000 employees worldwide
privately held

Nestle USA Inc
Glendale CA USA
$12 billion in sales 2004
21,000 employees nationwide

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